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This is very important!

What do we think of Emma Watson's look here?

I want to hate it--c'mon, that dress is ridiculous--but I... well, I kinda love it. Perhaps my adoration of girls who can pull of super short hair and my intense love for Hermione Granger is clouding my judgement?

But there is WAY too much bra going on here, right? Right? And the feathers! Oh my word the feathers*.

I don't even know any more. Seriously: WHAT DO YOU THINK?

*I love the feathers. Send help.


I can't comprehend this. I can't.

I posted my femgen story! Pretty pleased about that. Thank you SO much to slam_girl for being my beta. She put up with my questions and my messy pronouns with grace. Another thank you to those who were so understanding with me on my last post about this. I hope I lived up to the support you gave me.

So. The fic. Here goes.

Title: What Comes After
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Dark themes, self-harm, mentions of death. Please don't read if any of that will upset you.
Prompt: 149) The more hidden the venom, the more dangerous it is. -- Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615)
Summary: Molly Weasley has survived the weight of two wars. She's not about to let their aftermath crush her.

Read it here.


Also, I've just realized that I don't think I ever posted the fic I did for springtime_gen. For this one, I have the lovely mollywheezy to thank for the beta work.

I was a bit nervous about this one, initially, because it definitely casts Dean as An Artist and I, tragically, am anything but. Can't even draw a proper stick figure. But in the end I'm kinda pleased with how it turned out. I do love Dean, and especially his friendship with Seamus, which I explore in this fic. Check it out, if so inclined.

Title: Living Art
Character(s): Dean, Seamus, Ted, Luna
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some rude language.
Summary: Dean's art is not a casualty of war.

Read it here.


It's interesting (to me, at least) that these fics are both third person present fics that look at one character across many years in a series of short scenes. I may be getting too comfortable with how I structure a story, hm? I'll have to mix it up next time. But I do think, in each case, that it worked for what I was trying to do. Hopefully, at least.

Anyway. Happy reading, flist! And that counts whether or not you're reading the above fics. :)


In which I wibble about my writing.

I've been working on my femgenficathon for weeks now. It's a long, involved one-shot that I haven't quite finished yet but that I rather like. It uses my prompt in exactly the way I wanted to, and with a character I've always loved but never written. It's also in the second person and uses some literary themes I've always liked. So for those reasons, I do like the fic and intend to finish it.

I have reservations, though. It's a fic about Molly after the final battle, and I'm not sure all of fandom will love the way I've portrayed her. She's not a perfect mother in my fic, not quite as strong as she's often portrayed. Not that I think Molly is weak, hell no she's not, but this isn't a happy "look how strong I am after the war!" character I wrote. This version of Molly does recover but it's not easy and it's not pretty. I don't know if that's something that should be put into fandom period (I like fandom a bit lighter and happier), much less into a ficathon that celebrates the strength of women.

I hope I'm expressing myself properly. I feel like I'm writing such convoluted sentences right now.

Let me try again. Let me start from the beginning.

In the past I've refrained from posting fics that I think are too dark or depressing. I just don't want those things in my fandom. Not that I only do happy fics, I think any of you who have read my offerings know I'm not all smiles, but I like the depressing parts of my writing to have a purpose. If I can't justify the darker themes (like a suicide mention in my Peter fic, or references to what Luna survived in captivity in countless fics) then I edit them out or keep the fic to myself. Does that seem reasonable? Do any of you do that?

But I think the dark stuff in this current fic is justified. How could Molly be anything but shaken after that battle?

Just because it's justified, though, that doesn't mean it's appropriate for a fest that celebrates women. Or am I being silly? Do you think it would insult anyone if I were to post this fic--a fic that keep Molly firmly in the mother/sister/wife/caretaker role and one that shows her struggling with what's happened to her family--to a community meant to portray strong, complex, engaging women?

My Molly is strong, though. And it's women who make her stronger when she isn't strong enough. That ought to work for femgenficathon, yes? I hope so, because I gotta get this thing done and off to a beta.

Any takers on that, btw? I know I've done a terrible job of selling the fic but let me know if you can help me out a bit, once I've sorted out the ending and polished everything up.

ETA: Just spent way too long changing pronouns. Fic is now in third person. Kinda disappointed I couldn't make the second person work but the fic flows much better now. Guess my next fic will have to be my return to the second person.


Quick thought.

Have you read An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott? It's a preachy, simplistic novel with some rather obvious plot twists and characterizations. Nonetheless it is one of my absolute favorite novels and I reread it about once a year. And I love it more every time.

While reading it yesterday I noticed a passage that I think should be the rallying cry of gen writers everywhere. Allow me to reproduce it.

Love scenes, if genuine, are indescribable; for to those who have enacted them, the most elaborate description seems tame, and to those who have not, the simplest picture seems overdone. So romancers had better let imagination paint for them that which is above all art, and leave their lovers to themselves during the happiest minutes of their lives.

Awww. Isn't that lovely?


Fanfic FTW!

My springtime_gen fic was posted last week. It's excellent. Really, I should have pimped it from the beginning but you know how real life is. Very demanding. But this fic is just lovely. Seamus is portrayed beautifully and the whole fic builds to a rather fantastically chilling final scene. Read it here.

Another reason I love this fic. For years now every time I've done an exchange I've asked that the Daily Prophet be used in some way. No one ever used it at all, which never really surprised or bothered me because it's a random prompt, but this mystery author did. YAY! I now consider her/him to be utterly awesome. Totally and utterly awesome.

On the other side of things, I will be participating in femgenfication again this year. I love my prompt. It's fantastic.

The more hidden the venom, the more dangerous it is.
-Marguerite de Valois(1553-1615), queen of Navarre and of France, and author of scandalous memoirs.

Yay! No idea what I'll do with that prompt but I think it calls out for a second person narrative, yes? It's been far too long since I tackled the second person. So now I just must chose a character. I'm trying to convince myself not to write Luna. Been there, done that, you know? Oh but I adore her. We shall see.

Really, it's a perfect quote for a Joan of Arcadia fic. It makes me sad to realize only one person on my flist will appreciate that statement. Such a shame that show got canned before it built a better following. But seriously, they showed it on Friday nights. There was no hope. Good lord, even I haven't seen all of the episodes and I consider myself a pretty loyal fan.

Alright I'm starting to ramble. Time to cut it off here. Go read my lovely gift fic. You will not regret it.



Still working on my springtime_gen fic. There was such promise that I wouldn't procrastinate--such promise--but of course I did. It's done, written from start to finish, but it needs some serious polishing. I have all the images I want and the tone is what I was aiming for but the structure is lacking. So I just need to work on that a bit and then it should hopefully be good and maybe even be exactly what the recipient likes. That's the goal, anyway.

Once I'm done editing, is anyone available for a quick beta? It's due this weekend so if I finish it tonight or tomorrow morning as planned (I will) then you'll have a few days to glance it over. It shouldn't take too long, I'm usually fairly clean with my grammar and I didn't attempt anything crazy with this fic, so hopefully this isn't too much to ask?

Please, don't offer if you're participating in springtime_gen. But I'm sure you knew that. It's gen, obviously, and about 3000 words. Which is very long for me, yes? So I will probably shorten it during the editing process. Shorter fic = better structure, after all. (for me, that is)

Time to stop rambling. Bye!

ETA: Just realized all the grammar rules I broke in this post. Oh dear. I swear I hold my fics to a higher standard.


Fandom things.

Just got home from work on this rainy Friday evening and I am NOT going back outside until it's tomorrow.... when I have work at freaking 7 am. My job sucks sometimes.

Anyways. I came here to talk about fun fun FANDOM not boring rl stuff. Moving on!

pili204's recent post finally made me consider that I might want to make a fic journal. I'm hardly a big writer or anything but with CM down and all my own files lost when my hard drive crashed last year, I have no record of a lot of the fics I wrote before 2009. This is sort of terrifying. I mean, I'm not going to do anything with them but still. I'd like to have some proof of what I did. I liked some of those fics (er... in a not egotistical way). I'm not sure when I'll actually get around to doing this, definitely not for about a month, but whenever CM is back and I actually have some time, I think I'll have to set up a little community for myself. Yes? Is that the general consensus, that people like having fic communities rather than fic journals?

Also, I like the mention this every once in a while: If I am not watching your fic journal, please tell me? It's silly oversight, not disinterest. I want to know what you guys are writing. I don't read and review as much as I should and for that I apologize, but please let me know if I missed your journal. Thanks!

Along with the sadness at CM (my heart goes out the mods, especially those who have to clean up the tech mess I don't understand), is there something going on at Simply Undeniable? I keep getting spam reviews about watches. It's very odd, not to mention it seems like an ineffective way to spam people. It's gotta be more effort than simple emailing.

I feel like I'm forgetting to say something I wanted to say. I hate that feeling. Hmph. Well, I'm going to go work on my springtime_gen story (yay! no procrastination this time!) and hopefully I remember whatever it is.


Fun facts.

Well I have nothing particularly useful to say but I have learned the hard way that just because your internet is working now doesn't mean it will be working later. So. Post!

Read What The Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell. Oh my God it is amazing. I'm learning the craziest, ramdomest stuff ever. Such as...

1. The guy who created The Pill was a very devout Catholic who designed it the way it is so that it would be "natural" and thus acceptable to the Church. When the Vatican banned it he lost faith in the Church and stopped believing in an afterlife.

2. There will never be a ketchup that can rival Heinz so don't even bother.

(side note: I hate ketchup)

3. Do you color your hair with Clairol or L'Oreal? Because that apparently says a great deal about the kind of person you are. Consider the slogans: "Does she or doesn't she?" vs "Because I'm worth it." One woman does it for herself, the other for everyone else.

Hm. It's not really worth making a list when there's only three points, I suppose, but I can't think of anything else and I'm tired. To bed!

Ahem. Hi.

That's all I got. Just wanted to say hi. :)